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מאת קול הקמפוס.

תגיות: Tiny Fingers, We Are Ghosts, Kol Hacampus, Audio Montage All-Stars, ELectric Zoo, RPS Surfers

The Harake series is primarily a vote of confidence in the local independent music industry, and is designed to bring to the audience curious and unusual musical products. The entire series is recorded at our studios and based on original music and jam sessions. The final album is printed in a limited number of physical copies, and offered for free download from the station's website. The musical meetings of this series can provide a unique glimpse into the work process and the unique dynamics between musicians. The definition of a one-time event recording and non-sterile, produces raw and exciting musical experience.



A new Single from our soon-to-be released album by RPS Surfers


להורדה הקליקו כאןלהורדה הקליקו כאן 

"RPS Surfers" is a surf-rock band that plays original mediterranean surf music. Their songs soak soundtrack atmosphere whice caracterized by guitars, old organs and lots of reverb, with a contemporery sound that combines rock and mediterranean sounds. Their "HaRake Gang" album will be released in 2014 and will contain 14 original songs.


The 5th Release on HaRaKe: Electric Zoo - Diamonds in the Sand (2013)



Electric Zoo is a dynamic power trio, combining elements from Psychedelic, Hard & Classic Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz. The band consisted of Gal Davidson on guitars and vocals, Yuval Gesser on bass and  Amir Steinberg on drums and

percussion. Diamonds in the Sand is their Debut Album, and it is available for free download


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A new Audio/Visual Single from our soon-to-be released album by Savage Detectives






We are proud to launch a new audio / visual single from the future album on HaRaKe by Savage Detectives .The Savage Detectives is a One-Man Band of Gon Ben Ari, usually a writer ('Children of redwood ','Residents nursery'). One-man bands tend to be a street performance or circus gimmick. Here, too, there's a gimmick : Harmonium on which a Synth is "glued", toy piano and percussion , and drum set that was installed under it all. All instruments are played simultaneously. But under the gimmick , Savage Detectives are first of all A Band. The Project ignores  being recorded by one person, and refers to itself as an album created by a real full band
Where You'll Never Come, the 1st audio / visual single from the album, will be launched in a gala premiere at "In-D-Negev" Festival on October 11th. The full  album will be titled: Fine Ass Hoes of the Apocalypse, dealing with the new generation of kids raised on porn available online, and degrades the experience gently and sensitively, into its basic spiritual
The entire album was recorded at Kol Hacampus' studios, where each song was filmed in one take using eight Go-Pro cameras and edited so that each instrument is played, recorded and filmed at the same time
The album was produced by Uri " Mixmonster " Wertheim, and photographed by video artist Ram Maza. For a whole year before the recordings, Gon placed his special equipment dedicated to the project in the studio served for rehearsals .



The 4th Release on HaRaKe: Pissuk Rachav - Based On a True Story (2012)



"Based on a True Story" is Pissuk Rachav's second album. Their first album, "Holy Land", was released on the prestigious Tzadik label by esteemed musician John Zorn. Like in their debut, Pissuk Rachav have created a wide musical tapestry ranging from Free Jazz to African rhythms  from pop to Avant - Garde. Their music is accessible but sophisticated, its statement challenging and provoking. The lyrics deal with the most sensitive issues in Israel today - occupation, religion, politics, racism, and, of course, love & sex. 


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The 3rd Release on HaRaKe: We Are Ghosts – Broadcasting (2012)


Art Design : Shany KedarArt Design : Shany Kedar


We Are Ghosts is a spontaneous music project, which brings together musicians to create a one-time adventurous encounter that cannot be reconstructed. The Guiding principle is documenting improvisational sessions without rules or genre restrictions, and the emphasis is on listening and responding in real time.
The new album, Broadcasting, recorded in just 4 hrs at "Kol Hacmpus" radio station's studio especially for "Sh'at Hashin" radio program with Assaf Kaplan & Gil Matus & consisted on this musicians: David Peretz, Shany Kedar, Guy Hajaj, Guy Bibi, Roy Regev, Merav Shacham, Noa Magger, Morphlexis, Danny Raveh & Orri Dror.

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The 2nd Release on HaRaKe: Tiny Fingers – Foreign Telegrams (2011)



Art Design : Gur MargalitArt Design : Gur Margalit


Tiny finger's music Division consists of groovy rhythm section, live electronic beats, massive guitar riffs, innovative cynthi lines and tight vocals - all integrated through the unique and un compromising sound systems. The band includes Boaz Bentur (bass), Tal Cohen (drums), Oren Ben-David (guitar), Daniella 'Cecilia' Turgeman (vocals) and Nimrod Bar (synthesizer). Tiny fingers's shows are known for the combination of the intensity of rock concerts and a sense of ecstasy and rave of electronic music. "Foreign Telegrams" presents a different side of the band, who loves to experiment and expand the musical boundaries of the genre itself. The band members switched instruments and roles during the session and had much fun with the recording engineer - Uri Wertheim and Amit Kalisher. The band, which has already won recognition and praise from those saw them, managed to make some jaws drop during the recordings.

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The 1st Release on HaRaKe: Audio Montage All-Stars – Audio Montage All-stars (2011)


Art Design : Kip - Broken FingazArt Design : Kip - Broken Fingaz


Audio Montage All-Stars is a super Group of particularly talented musicians, with different stylistic backgrounds and one Groovy joint  base, assembled for two performances (Comfort 13, IndieNegev) and a studio recording. To celebrate the initiation of HaRake, and as part of the celebration of the Record store day, the band launches first and intriguing album.  Audio Montage All - Stars are: Digital_Me, Kip, Maya Dunietz, Tavor Ben -Dor, Yaron Ouzana, Seffi Ramirez, Kuti, Markey Funk, SchoolMaster and Mixmonster. The album was recorded at Kol HaCampus's studios during half a day of long and hypnotic Jam Session. The result: eight tracks of experimental Down bit, cruising between the groove, funk, jazz and live electronics. The perfect music for a warm summer night or a cold winter day. The band members are very familiar in the local music scene and play on several well-known groups. This is the first time they get together in the studio and record their materials.

Stream the entire album: